About Us

ENDVR Wellness Co was founded on the belief that wellness is tied to many things. It includes physical, emotional, social, financial, professional and environmental health. Wellness is an interactive process through which all these components of daily life work together to impact our overall state of being.

True wellness should be sustainable within your lifestyle. It is a balance of your responsiblies, fitness routine, nutrition, growth, stress management, selfcare, motivation and anything else that fits into your personal journey. Our goal is to help you achieve that balance through knowledge and connecting you to resources that address your own individual needs. Our goal includes assisting and supporting you throughout your journey and creating a plan that is sustainable within your life.

We offer one-on-one wellness coaching and have partnered with amazing certified personal trainers to bring something for everyone with individual, partner, and group options available. We also offer corporate wellness programs designed to educate and motivate employees to invest in their health, as well as increase employee engagement and retention.

Our Beliefs

We hold a deeply-rooted passion for supporting you along your unique journey. To provide the utmost value from our hearts to yours, we prioritize the nourishment of a welcoming community where everyone feels a sense of belonging. Diversity, equality, and inclusion are guiding principles for how we build our teams and integrate our creative ideas. They are the driving force of our excellence in helping you create a balanced lifestyle that makes a difference in the most priceless aspect of existence: your health.

Meet the Team

Kimberly Dyonne, M.P.A.


Kimberly Dyonne M.P.A., is the Founder and Co-Owner at ENDVR Wellness Co. She has an extensive background in and out of the wellness and fitness industry and has worked to create wellness programs for both individuals and organizations. Kimberly is a former competitive athlete and is still actively playing ice hockey. She loves boxing, hiking, has recently started to learn to play the bass guitar, and enjoys anything that allows her to try new things and step outside of her comfort zone.

Kimberly was inspired to start ENDVR Wellness Co to help others stay motivated and learn their best balance to create the healthiest overall lifestyle for them. She believes that the hardest thing is balance and sustainability, especially between our daily responsibilities and the negative mindset we develop in relationship to nutrition and fitness. She has personally experienced the difficulties of balance within daily life and loves being able to help support others in their journey.

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Find out more: @Kimberlydyonne | Linktree or email at kimberly@endvrwellnessco.com

David Rodriguez, CPT

Co-Owner/Chief Fitness Officer & NASM Certified Personal Trainer

David Rodriguez is the Co-Owner, Chief Fitness Officer and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with ENDVR Wellness Co. David’s love for wellness, health, and fitness started in the early days growing up through watching his mom working out and became serious as he transitioned into high school. During this time David found out he suffered from sports induced asthma and it was recommended he get into an exercise routine. Like many clients David has trained, there was a basic knowledge of exercise, but a lack of knowing where to start.

David ended up joining a gym and this led him to seeking advice from a personal trainer. David started with three initial sessions and that developed into him working with this trainer for almost two years because over this time David saw and felt his body transform. Part of this transformation saw him rarely have issues with asthma and the love for fitness grew! From there, David knew he wanted to make fitness a career and graduated from WellSpring School of Allied Health in 2010, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Find out more: @drod474 | Linktree or email at david@endvrwellnessco.com

Julia Nadolski, CPT

Wellness Coach & NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Julia Nadolski is a Wellness Coach and NASM Certified Personal Trainer at ENDVR Wellness Co. After graduating from high school and completing a semester of college, she has decided to direct her focus towards making her dream of helping others with their health and wellness a reality.

As someone who has been involved in sports such as volleyball, indoor track, track and field, and dance throughout her life, Julia’s love and appreciation for movement has continued to grow along with her realization of the importance of taking care of the mind in conjunction with the body. Her passion for learning expands beyond school and persists in making a consistent effort to acquire new skills and information to educate, influence, and inspire others along their own pursuits of creating a life that promotes the strongest, healthiest, and most confident versions of themselves!

Find out more: @julia.nadolski | Linktree

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