Corporate Wellness Programs

An employee wellness program is an investment in your people and your business.

Individualized programs designed for your business.

ENDVR Wellness Co. believes in a holistic approach to employee wellness. We embrace the conjunction of six pillars of wellness, which include physical, emotional, financial, professional, social, and environmental components.

Our goal in partnering with you and your employees is to help create an inclusive environment where employees have access to resources that will enhance their overall wellbeing. Through our carefully designed programs, unique to your organization’s needs, we prioritize sustainability of a healthy lifestyle, which yields increased engagement and retention of top talent.

All of our programs begin with an assessment of current wellness programs/initiatives and emphasize improvements in culture building and engagement of employees. We focus on increasing awareness and participation in healthcare provided programs and preventive care, as well as create new opportunities for employees to work on their overall wellness. The foundation of a successful company revolves around equipping employees with the tools to  manage controllable health risks and build a culture in which each individual is able to contribute effectively in the workplace.


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