12-Week Transformation Program


Set the foundation for your strongest, most confident, and healthiest self yet! We will be focusing on improving mobility, balance, and strength through bodyweight and resistance training to focus on exercise technique and establish proper movement patterns that minimize a risk of injury. The skills you develop in this program will prepare you for the demands of our consecutive fitness programs!


The first four weeks of this program consist of 30-minute bodyweight workouts five days per week. The last eight weeks are composed of 30 to 45-minute workouts five days per week that include some form of resistance. Resistance in the form of dumbbells is demonstrated in this program, but barbells, resistance bands, and kettlebells are appropriate options as well.

By clicking on the title of each workout, you will be able to access the timed breakdown of the workout calendar which lets you know how long your work and rest periods are. The format for each specific workout is highlighted in yellow.

Pressing on the name of each exercise will take you to a visual exercise demonstration alongside form tips, modifications, and advancement options. No matter your current fitness level, you are provided with the tools to make these workouts work for you!

By engaging with this program, you are automatically eligible for three free months of our gold membership. You’ll have access to an all-inclusive chat forum to engage with others who are making fitness transformations through this program as well as our personal trainers who can answer any questions that you have. This will help hold all of us accountable and generate a safe space where we can celebrate your wins, share progress pictures, exchange advice, and connect on LIVE sessions. These LIVE sessions include interactive Q&As, stretch sessions, and nutrition coaching amongst many other valuable surprises!

Disclaimer: Many of the exercise demonstrations have been recorded in a way that enabled you to see how the body should align when performing various movements throughout this program. This is a precaution that has been taken to avoid presenting a misleading demonstration that could lead to injury.

Additionally, this program is not a recipe to achieve a specific body type and the images displayed throughout this challenge are not an accurate reflection of how your body will look after its completion. Factors that contribute to changes in body composition take into account the quality of the entire lifestyle. We, at ENDVR, will equip you with the tools to do so, but it’s a personal responsibility to take advantage of them! Our professionals recognize that each person requires an individualized approach towards making fitness “work” for them, so don’t forget that we’re here to support you in the best ways possible!