“Whether You Think You Can Or You Can’t, You’re Right.” – Henry Ford

I love this quote.   Do you have a mental list of things you “can’t do?”  I do, or – should I say – I did. This was my list: I can’t go back to school.  I’m not that smart. I can’t start a business. I can’t run a half marathon. I can’t get that dreamContinue reading ““Whether You Think You Can Or You Can’t, You’re Right.” – Henry Ford”

The Dark Days of Dream-Chasing

Being 18 years old, I know I still have a whole life ahead of me: lots of opportunities to encounter, decisions to make, people to meet, and tons of personal growth to experience. I dropped out of college after the first semester to pursue my passion for health and fitness. I realized that the safetyContinue reading “The Dark Days of Dream-Chasing”

The Change Effect

We’re all told that witnessing a change in life requires us to do something differently: to behave, respond, think, and perceive life with an altered approach. Simple advice that’s not so simple to follow, isn’t it? Although the first step towards change is recognition of the issue or weakness we may have, how many ofContinue reading “The Change Effect”